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 lard pirates dawt cawm  §  Spoony's Video Game Junk (for sale) / by Spoony Spoonicus
 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 10:42pm 11/23/11 (07:07pm 06/16/11) in 9m31s  §  6228 eyeballs
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Miscellaneous video game junk for sale. Make me an offer if you're interested.


Anachronox (PC) with case and manual
Doom Collector's Edition (PC) with Doom 3 preview disc
Earthworm Jim (PC) with case and disc, no manual
King's Quest V (PC) with case, disc and manual
King's Quest VI (PC) with case, disc and manual
King's Quest VI (PC) with paper case, manual and copy protection
Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic (PC) with case and 4 discs, no box or manual

Art books

Assassin's Creed "The art of Assassin's Creed" promotional artbook
Sakura Wars: So Long, my Love "Unforgettable Memories" promotional artbook

Cases & Manuals

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door case (no game disc or manual)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 case, insert and manual (no game disc)
Super Smash Bros. Melee insert and manual (no game disc), insert is black label with 'Best Seller' logo and comes with generic DVD case
SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 for Wii: Case, insert and manual (no game disc)
Mega Man X Command Mission (PS2) case and insert (no manual or game disc)
Capcom vs SNK (Dreamcast) insert, case and manual (no game disc)
Final Fantasy III (DS) insert and manual (no case or game card)
Animal Crossing (Gamecube) insert (no case, manual or game disc)
Killer Instinct (SNES) Manual (no game or box)

Empty cases:

3 Xbox 360
2 Xbox (original)
2 Wii
2 PS3
1 Gamecube
1 generic black DVD case (could be used for PS2 games)

Other Stuff:

1 Xbox Remote
1 Xbox Wirless Receiver
1 Xbox 360 Controller (off-brand)
3 Xbox 360 controller breakaway cables
1 spare DS wrist strap
4 spare Wii wrist straps
1 spare Wii Remote sleeve
Game Boy Pocket link cable (also connects to original Game Boy)
Gamecube/Game Boy Advance connector cable
Game Boy Advance Codebreaker
DS Action Replay with cable and software disc
DSi Action Replay with cable, manual and software disc
Nintendo E-reader with manual and a handful of game cards (and some Animal Crossing cards)
  • Includes: Baseball, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Ice Climber, Mario Bros, Pinball, Tennis, Game & Watch: Manhole, K.K. Folk, Girl (2), Bessie, Blathers, Bob, Boris, Lily, Wart Jr. Yodel, K.K. Tour Tee, Shine Sprite, "Animal Crossing" generic card
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